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On the afternoon of Valborgsmässoafton holiday in Sweden (April 30, 2011), a group of 7 international artists performed throughout the top floor of Gothenburg’s Natural History Museum.

Through an artistic view of comparative anatomy, this performance assumes that it is possible for any-thing to relate to any other thing; that aspects in the natural world are different from each other only because we are aware of differences. By the means of comparison & analogy we should be able to use artistic appropriation as a license to research and make art. Participants investigated the museum’s collection of taxidermy through task based exercises and adapt a personalized practice for initiating new views of creative research.

As opening to The Body Appropriate Workshop Series at the Museum this May 2011, these artists were given a 10 day time limit to make a piece of work through tasks and themes of the workshops, interpretive comparative anatomy, and personal artistic interpretations of selected exhibit cases.

Performers include: Stacey Marie Garcia, Stephanie Stewart-Bailey, Anna Svennson, Anastasia Danter, Lindsey Hobbs, Lydelle Abbott and Erika Tordeus.

Workshop and Performance designed by Stephanie Stewart-Bailey


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